This is for you dear overwhelmed entrepreneur...

You, who has so much to do and give, yet is challenged by too many to-do’s, overwhelmed, yes even scattered and frustrated with your lack of accomplishments and results.

Too many distractions and interruptions are destroying your ability to create a profitable business you love and deserve.

We live a crazed data driven world! But you can get back in control!

That’s why I created for you…

The FOCUS  Formula

5 Simple Steps To Get Back in Control, Get it Done and Get Profits…in Less Time.

If You...

  • Are frequently overwhelmed
  • Struggle to stay on task
  • Have difficulty identifying your priorities
  • Get distracted by emails, Facebook, the Internet, phone calls, text messages or whatever
  • Let yourself be interrupted too often by others
  • Have too many great ideas you chase, but don’t get things done
  • Are frustrated because you know you want to do better but can’t get there
  • Look back on the day and wonder what you got done
  • Buy programs or books to learn how improve your business but then rarely or never complete them
  • Feel stuck and hard to move forward


  • Realize it is costing you A LOT– financially and emotionally
  • You won’t be able to create the business you love and deserve
  • You won’t have a life that you’ll love and enjoy
  • You are wasting your precious time, money and energy getting nowhere
  • You’ll be running on that treadmill that sucks your productivity and profits
  • You won’t be able to grow your business


  • Do you want to keep going the way you’ve been running your life and business, staying frustrated, overwhelmed and dissatisfied with your life and results?
  • Or do you want to take action to change and to learn new Success Habits to catapult your business?

Of course the answer is a resounding YES!  You don’t want to stay stuck and frustrated, wasting time, money and energy.


  • Do you wonder if you can do what it takes to create these new Success Habits?
  • Do you wonder if you can get FOCUSED enough?
  • The answer is YES! That’s why I created the program and that’s why I’m here to guide and support you because you don’t need to keep struggling-- alone—otherwise you would have done it already.
  • First, you need to learn and know what to do.
  • Then, you need to practice it. (I’ll help you be accountable.) And regularly, you need to be supported when you begin to doubt yourself.

In the FOCUS Formula program here’s what you’ll get:

Simple.  Step by Step.  Results.

Doug Wilkins, Owner and Founder

If I could scoop up a few dozen rubies off the sidewalk and hand them to you in a jar, doing so wouldn’t be as valuable as recommending Rosie Aiello. Honest, smart, knowledgeable, far-seeing, and encouraging – Rosie can lift up any small business and make it bigger, better, and more profitable. Bringing Rosie in to boost my business was an inoculation against fatigue and futility. I am more effective, more capable, more communicative, and more relaxed thanks to Rosie. Grab her before some Fortune 100 company whisks her away from you forever.  Working with Rosie,  I made more in one quarter than I had the entire prior year.

Doug Wilkins, Owner and Founder All You Need is Light
Anastasia Schuster

As a busy entrepreneur, it is easy to get into a mode of overwhelm. As Rosie says, the real key to squash overwhelm and have true success is by implementing the techniques and systems she shared. Rosie is smart, motivating, and inspiring. She inspired me to take action. I took care of a lot a clutter after her session and as she said I would, I felt so much better, had more energy and it created a positive ripple effect in other areas of my business. Now I have more time to focus on the important and income producing aspects of my business. I highly recommend Rosie and her programs.” Anastasia Schuster, Access Speakers

Anastasia Schuster Access Speakers
Tiffany Norman

Rosie Aiello helped me from being a frenzied attorney to getting in control. She delivered solutions to help me become more organized and focused. Now I can serve more clients because of the time she opened up for me. I finally have something in place and it is just what I wanted. I now also look more efficient to my clients. I highly recommend Rosie.

Chuck Moyer

Rosie’s programs are “money in the bank.”
If you follow the strategies and techniques that Rosie teaches, you’ll get more done in a single day than most others get done in a week.

What you learn by attending one of her programs, or working with her one-on-one, are simple to use, yet highly effective methods that not only help you get more done – but help you get the right things done. If you want to become more effective and accomplish far more than you are currently, give Rosie a call right now.
Chuck Moyer, founder and president, Fat Margins.

Chuck Moyer Fat Margins
  • Know where you are going--so you can get there!
  • Stop being a slave to your business and take back your life.
  • Easily focus on your priorities and get results faster.
  • Discover 5 keys to reducing mental clutter
  • End procrastination and get your work out into the world
  • Get out of the downward overwhelm spiral

Why do most people fail?

1) They don't know what to do.

2) They know what to do but don’t execute or execute poorly.

Are You Ready to Get Focused?

You can’t get to success if you can’t into action.

Leslie Lawton

I wanted to be part of Rosie’s power circle, because i met and liked her immediately. She walks her talk, and somehow that allows her to be this shining person. She’s busy, but present, so she truly connects with you. Two things–so far–have come out of this work for me. The first is about making a daily list and entering it in outlook. I tend to be a grazer and probably more than a little ADHD. This process just reigns me in and centers me down for each day. I’m even scheduling my weekends. The second big thing is that she gently brings you around to focusing on making money and generating success. My assignment for the last two weeks was to contact 10 people about my new business venture. I was absolutely committed to doing this because I’d be accountable to our group. Lo and behold, one of the people I contacted, someone I’ve worked with very successfully in the past, just happened to have an exciting branding and naming job coming up. And it was magical serendipity to reach out to her at just the right moment. So now I think Rosie has special powers.

Leslie Lawton
Gloria Brown - Life and Business Coach

“Rosie Aiello is absolutely amazing. I had no idea how much time I was wasting and what it was costing me. I was busy, busy, busy. Shuffling papers here and there. I thought I was “working” on Facebook. Rosie with her laser focus and poignant questions got to the heart of my challenges. With grace,diplomacy and compassion, she lead me from frustration and overwhelm to clarity and clear actions I could take to improve my time management, reduce my stress and increase my income. As a result of following her steps and systems, my revenue doubled. I realized mismanaging my time was costing me business. I highly recommend you invest with Rosie if you are looking to get results.”

Gloria Brown - Life and Business Coach

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and increase your profits?

When you  spend too much time on the wrong activity, you suck profits from your business. I don’t want that to happen to you. I know you don’t want that either!

Feel in control instead of spending the day being reactive to other people's agendas.

Get focused and organized instead of wasting hour after hour rearranging your desk and "working" on the Internet.

Let’s get you back on track so you can move into action and make more money faster and easier, and create the life and business you deserve and enjoy.

Start now on your profitable path...

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